Made in Vic: The greatest Victorian films of all time [AUDIO]

One of the greatest things about Victoria is our love of culture and the arts. The success our local film industry reflects the passion many Victorians have for films that tell our own stories and explore what it means to be Victorian. A diverse array of both local and international productions have been created in this great state of ours.

Whether the film is a biopic (The Story of the Kelly Gang), drama (On the Beach), horror (Picnic at Hanging Rock), comedy (The Castle) or thriller (Animal Kingdom), Victoria has continued be be at the forefront of the Australian film industry. I took a look back through some of the greatest films made and set in Victoria and examined how the Australian film industry has developed over the years.

Music used:
* ‘Winner Winner!’ by Kevin MacLeod via. Incompetech

* ‘Devastation and Revenge’ by Kevin MacLeod via. Incompetech

This piece was a segment in Cataclysm: Episode 19 (Victoria). Listen to the whole podcast here.

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